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Marvit C Vit Plus 12 Effervescent Tablets (P)

Marvit Vitamin-C 1000mg 20 effervescent food supplement in convenient effervescent tablets, useful to counter the symptoms and ailments generated by winter temperatures through the right intake of vitamin c. To counteract the first symptoms of colds and flu . It can be used to prevent colds and effectively reduce the duration of the disease . Effective in improving the immune system . Great taste with red orange This medication requires additional verification and consultation by one of our community pharmacists. A pharmacist will contact you after placing your order for consultation and order confirmation.

Redoxon Vitamin C Orange 15'S Effervescent (OTC-G)

Unique and balanced combination of vitamins and minerals to make you healthy, natural and easy source of vitamins, makes a useful addition to your medical kit

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