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Movicol Powder Sachets 20'S (P)

For the treatment of chronic constipation. Movicol is also effective in resolving faecal impaction defined as refractory constipation with faecal loading of the rectum and/or colon. This medication requires additional verification and consultation by one of our community pharmacists. A pharmacist will contact you after placing your order for consultation and order confirmation.

Neurorubine Forte Tablets 20S (OTC-G)

Neurorubine forte tablets is a multivitamin supplement with a specific combination of vitamin B complex with vitamin B12. Vitamin B1 is essential for converting glucose into energy and vitamin B6 is important for a healthy nervous. Vitamin B12 is essential for the formation of red blood cells and the absorption of iron in the body. The combination strengthens the immunity system, improves metabolism, and is important for the nervous system. Benefits: • Treats vitamin deficiency • Keeps the vitamins in the body well-balanced • Helps in maintaining the overall health of bones, joints and cartilage • Provides effective relief from mouth ulcers • Helps in reducing neuropathic pain • Helps in maintaining the levels of all essential nutrients in the body • Helps in reducing depression

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