Our Vision

Our vision is to help build a healthier society by empowering our customers. At Makkah Group. we believe that innovation through simplicity holds the key to helping our community realize this dream.

Chairman’s Message

The first branch of Makkah Pharmacy may have opened in 1994, but to me, it still feels like yesterday. Through His grace and every member of the Makkah Family’s effort. we have grown to 14 locations across multiple communities in the United Arab Emirates.
Our success is a testament to the work we’ve done within our community. I always have been a firm believer in the efficacy of hard work. And looking at where we are today, this belief is further reinforced.
We must never forget that Islam teaches us that there is nothing more important than service to one’s community.
The success of our Group is built on these tenets. And only by staying true to who we are can we achieve further success in the future. Our Group exists because of the reputation we hold in the minds of our esteemed customers. and we must strive to build on this.
As a group. I genuinely believe that we must struggle and toil so that our customers don’t have to. And this is what we’ve done over the past 26 years by embracing the highest standards and practices afforded to us by modern medicine and technology.

Why choose Makkah?

Our Values

“Your Health is Our Concern” At the Makkah Group. these aren’t just empty words. Our slogan speaks to our commitment to serving our community and exceeding expectations for customer care and service.

Our Team

Our pharmacists are the primary driving force behind our success as a community pharmacy. Our diverse team realizes that community service is the cornerstone of a successful pharmacist, and they are always available and listening to your needs.

Our Service

At Makkah. we are uncompromisingly honest and believe that trust and personal responsibility form the cornerstone of all relationships. These values ensure that we only source the highest quality medical equipment from across the world. This practice helps us provide the highest standard of care for our customers and stakeholders. We’re continuously striving to improve our in-store experience. delivery network. and overall customer experience and service.

Our History

Our Chairman. Muhammad Mushfiq Ali Khan began his career in 1982 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. as a simple community pharmacist. While there. he’d always dream of starting his pharmacy one day and naming it ‘Makkah’ as an homage to where he began his career. In 1994. By God’s grace. this dream was realized when we opened our first Makkah Pharmacy on the 16th of January in Ajman. U.A.E. This dream, which began with a single pharmacy’s inauguration with three staff members. Has grown thanks to Allah’s blessing and our local community’s goodwill. The Makkah Pharmacy has birthed the Makkah Group and is home to 14 pharmacies with over 100+ staff members. Our slogan ‘Your Health is Our Concern’ speaks to our commitment to serving our community.

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