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Johnson’s American Patch – American Porous Plaster

Benefits: Johnson patch for back pain through the three components of the Johnson patch that consists of chili, topical menthol and camphor, the benefits of Johnson's back pain patch are as follows: - local pain relief, as a result of the skin absorption of these active substances, so the body begins to feel at rest. Stimulate blood circulation by applying it to the skin, which contributes to muscle relaxation. Helps treat delayed pregnancy. Reducing aches and relaxing and relaxing annoying pains. Treating diseases of the spine, shoulders, knee and joint pain, and bone pain. Helps get rid of the pain of common cold. It helps get rid of the pain associated with the menstrual cycle, and the treatment of copious menstrual blood. How to use and where to apply it: you must make sure that the skin is completely dry and free of any moisturizers or creams, and it must be made sure that it is free from cuts and scratches. The area must be washed and dried well, and then remove the cover and the plaster liner and place it on the affected area, if the affected area is large, more than one patch can be applied. After use and get results, remove it and wash the area well with water, and do not apply any bandages to the same area after removing it.



Johnson’s back pain patch is a patch that is distinguished by its ability and effectiveness in treating back pain, spine pain, knee and shoulder pain, and all bone pain. Among people, joint, muscle and bone pain, as people cannot bear these pains for a long time, and there are many treatments for these pains, including some in the form of pills and oral analgesics, including topical ointments and creams, as is the case in Johnson’s plaster available in pharmacies as other medicines and drugs which works as a highly effective topical pain reliever.


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