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Avalon Cracked Heel Cream 50 Ml

Avalon Cream For The Cracks Of The Heel Contains Substances Of Characteristic Characteristic In The Removal Of Cracks Skin. Urea Possesses A Unique Property In Moisturizing Dry Skin. Panthyol Also Nourishes And Moisturizes Cells And Renews Them. This Product Has A Strong Effect In The Sterilization Of The Area Affected By Cracks And Protection From Infections. Methyl Salicylate Works To Remove The Pain Associated With Cracking. How To Use : Used Twice Daily



Avalon cream for the cracks of the heel contains substances of characteristic in the removal of cracks skin. Urea possesses a unique property in moisturizing dry skin. Panthyol also nourishes and moisturizes cells and renews them. This product has a strong effect in the sterilization of the area affected by cracks and protection from infections. Methyl salicylate works to remove the pain associated with cracking.

How to use :
Use twice daily.


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