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3M Nexcare™ Liquid Bandage Spray, 18 ml

-18 ml (over 60 sprays) -For wounds in hard-to-cover areas -Breathable and waterproof -Alcohol-free formulation, doesn't sting the skin -Dries quickly (approx. 30 seconds) -Allows healing of skin  



Nexcare™ liquid bandage spray is our unique skin shield that covers minor cuts and scrapes and doesn’t sting when applied. Breathable and alcohol-free protection.
Nexcare™ liquid bandage spray provides a unique skin shield that covers minor cuts and scrapes. Product is alcohol-free with no stinging on application. It doesn’t contain fragrance or preservatives. Breathable protection that keeps out water, dirt and germs. Suitable for difficult to reach areas. It can be used on infants over one – month age. Dries quickly (approx 30 seconds). Product naturally wears off as skin heals.


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