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Vicks Vaporub

Vicks vaporub provides effective multi-symptom relief from aggravating cold symptoms when used in either of these two ways: as medicated vapour to relieve nasal congestion. (for 6 years and above). Add 2 teaspoonfuls of vicks vaporub in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water and inhale the vapours to clear blocked nose and ease breathing difficulties. as a rub for temporary relief from dry coughs and muscular aches due to colds. Vicks vaporub contains cough suppressants. So if you want your loved one’s dreams to remain undisturbed, gently apply vicks vaporub on chest and throat before bedtime.



Vicks Vaporub is a medicine which provides symptomatic relief from blocked nose, cough and muscular aches and pain due to colds.
– For the temporary relief of colds, stuffy nose and symptoms due to cold.
– For nasal congestion and coughs.
– Use on chest and throat, temporarily relieves cough due to common cold.
– Have eucalyptus oil and camphor.


100G, 10G, 50G


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